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  • cat butt coasters

    Cat Butt Coasters


    Cat butt coasters are hilarious little crocheted coasters of a cats back side. These coasters are created with 100% cotton yarn and are very absorbent, perfect for your mug of coffee in the morning or a glass of water. They make a great gift for any cat lovers, and you can even customize it to…

  • catnip joint and cigar

    Catnip Joint or Cigar


    The catnip joint or cigar is hand crocheted and stuffed with catnip, ready to make your cat go crazy! They are lightweight toys, approx. 4″ in length making it the perfect size for your cat to bat around. Get this hilarious gift to look like a “joint” or a “cigar”.

  • Sale! Bubbles' dog bandana

    Bubbles’ Dreamers Bandanas


    Bubbles’s dog bandanas are created out of second-hand cotton fabric that has been hand dyed by a friend. The bandanas have a spot for you to thread the collar through, making sure they stay on your pup! Medium will fit a dog around 20 lbs Small will fit a cat or a smaller dog.