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  • mystery boxes

    Mystery Boxes


    Mystery boxes are a small discounted box of goodies that DKnits gets to pick! The boxes come in a few different sizes, and will include whatever I think you’ll love! The pictures show some items that you might find in your box – but almost everything on my site is possible!! PLEASE FILL OUT THE…

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  • granny square blanket

    Your Granny Square Blanket


    Your granny square blanket is the blanket you all helped me create! I posted progress pictures on Instagram and Facebook asking for color ideas, went in order of comments, and created this beauty!! This blanket was hand crocheted with love and acrylic yarn – most of which was sourced sustainably. It fits across a queen…

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  • cat butt coasters

    Cat Butt Coasters


    Cat butt coasters are hilarious little crocheted coasters of a cats back side. These coasters are created with 100% cotton yarn and are very absorbent, perfect for your mug of coffee in the morning or a glass of water. They make a great gift for any cat lovers, and you can even customize it to…

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  • Cal and Opies blanket

    Cal and Opie’s Blanket


    Cal and Opie’s blanket is the most wonderful baby blanket to snuggle your babies in! Any kid will love these extremely soft and warm blankets that come in tons of fun colors! Each blanket is about 30″x30″ – perfect for a newborn to grow with. If you’re expecting a niece, nephew, or fairy god child,…

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  • Del's dishcloths

    Mommom’s Knit Dishcloths


    Mommom’s knit dishcloths are 100% cotton cloths you can use for anything – I like to wash dishes with mine. Pick your favorite color out to add some fun to your kitchen, or pick up a pack to gift to a friend who’s grandma used to make these. They make the perfect nostalgic gift! Machine…

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  • crochet rainbow blanket

    Rainbow Crochet Blanket


    The Rainbow crochet blanket was handmade with love and acrylic yarn – most of which was sourced sustainably. It’s about 58″ x 54″ in length, covering the majority of a queen sized mattress. You will be surprised at how warm and soft this blanket it and it will soon become your go to for snuggling…

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