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    Day Flower Coasters


    Day flower coasters are brightly colored, flower shaped crocheted coasters. These coasters are created with 100% cotton yarn and are very absorbent, perfect for sweaty glasses. They make a great gift for your bff or even just a gift to yourself to add a pop of color to a desk or living space! Bring some…

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    Upcycled Sweatshirt Pillows


    Upcycled Sweatshirt Pillows are exactly that, an upcycled sweatshirt made into a soft and functional pillow for you to use or cherish. These pillows are donated to me or thrifted and turned into pillows. Each one is truly one of a kind. The pillows are stuffed with polyfil and come in slightly different sizes –…

  • Missi's chakra bracelets

    Missi’s Chakra Bracelets


    Protect your energy with a stretchy and stylish chakra bracelet. Missi’s chakra bracelets are a comfortable and brightly colored stretch bracelet made with quality 5mm crystal beads. Ground yourself with a carnelian bracelet,  speak your truth with an amazonite bracelet, or just grab your favorite color! Find below the properties of your crystal! Amazonite enhances…

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    Mosaic Market Bag


    The mosaic market bag is a beautiful crocheted tote created with 100% cotton yarn. This is a sturdy but light weight bag, with a tighter weave than it’s sister market bag. Either market bag works well for holding fresh produce from the farmers market, a book and a snack for a picnic, or a few…

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    Market Bags


    DKnits market bags are hand crocheted mesh-like bags. Each bag is crocheted with 100% cotton yarn. They are sturdy, light weight and versatile! Pack the market bag full of fresh produce at the farmers market, or throw in your suit and towel and head to the beach! This bag is ready for any adventure you…

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    Brenna’s Bucket Hat


    Brenna’s Bucket Hat is a colorful, crocheted bucket hat using 100% sustainably sourced yarn. The yarn used is normally acrylic yarn unless otherwise marked. The hat’s come in one size – one size fits most. These bucket hats can be created in almost any color combination and in a larger and smaller size if you…

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    Cat Butt Coasters


    Cat butt coasters are hilarious little crocheted coasters of a cats back side. These coasters are created with 100% cotton yarn and are very absorbent, perfect for your mug of coffee in the morning or a glass of water. They make a great gift for any cat lovers, and you can even customize it to…

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    Cal and Opie’s Blanket


    Cal and Opie’s blanket is the most wonderful baby blanket to snuggle your babies in! Any kid will love these extremely soft and warm blankets that come in tons of fun colors! Each blanket is about 30″x30″ – the perfect size for a newborn to grow with. These soft, knit blankets make the perfect gift…

  • catnip joint and cigar

    Catnip Joint or Cigar


    The catnip joint or cigar is hand crocheted and stuffed with catnip, ready to make your cat go crazy! They are lightweight toys, approx. 4″ in length making it the perfect size for your cat to bat around or grab with their claws. Get this hilarious gift to look like your cat is having the…

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    Rainbow Crochet Blanket


    The Rainbow crochet blanket was handmade with love and acrylic yarn – most of which was sourced sustainably. It’s about 58″ x 54″ in length, covering the majority of a queen sized mattress. You will be surprised at how warm and soft this blanket it and it will soon become your go to for snuggling…

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    Del’s Velvet Scrunchies


    Del’s velvet scrunchies are hand crocheted scrunchies made with velvet yarn. They are super soft and make the perfect accessory on your wrist or in your hair. Add a fun pop of color or a neutral addition to any outfit. These scrunchies come in a large variety of colors – grab your favorite today! DKnits…

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    Kick off happy hour with a DKoozy! These are super squishy and absorbent slim fitting can koozys! This can koozy will fit your slim seltzer or stretch a little to fit a regular 12 oz soda can really well. Check out the different color combos to rock your favorite one, or match your game day…