Meet the Maker

meet the maker


I learned to knit at the age of 10 – only putting down the needles to pick up more crafts. As much as I love upcycling old fabric, yarn is my favorite medium. I usually have yarn with me everywhere I go.

I have always been a big supporter of Mother Earth, which is why I strive to make products sustainably, made for your journey to sustainability, or both! I do anything I can to bring new life to old materials.

I’m proud of everything I make, but I’m ecstatic when it can be made 100% with second-hand products. At this point, most of my yarn has come from friends or thrift stores – I love to adopt new yarn! It makes me happy to bring new life to a skein of yarn that clearly sold in 1975 and has been in your great aunt’s yarn bin ever since.

DKnits etc.

DKnits was started in 2017 after knitting, stitching and making real pieces for over half of my life. I honestly opened up shop because of peer pressure. So many people thought I could do it and I finally believed them. It started with some ideas and dreams and ended up here!

Now – I have a constant stream of second hand packaging from friends and my personal thrift store insider, a room overflowing with second-hand fabric, more than enough thrifted yarn and a hell of a lot of ideas.

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We Reduce Our Carbon Footprint by:

  • Thrifting most materials used for products
  • Using second-hand packaging whenever available
  • Making our own paper for labels etc.
  • Upcycling fabric from thrifting or donations from friends