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  • catnip joint and cigar

    Catnip Joint or Cigar


    Catnip joints and cigars are hand crocheted and stuffed with catnip, ready to make your cat go crazy! They are lightweight toys, approx. 4″ in length making it the perfect size for your cat to bat around. These make a great gift for any friends with cats and a sense of humor!

  • Sale! reusable cotton face masks

    Reversible Cloth Face Masks


    These face masks are made double-sided, so either fabric can be worn, the picture shows both sides! All masks are made with 100% cotton fabric and elastic straps – one size fits most. Each fabric is sourced sustainably, and includes a limited quantity.

  • Sale! market bag

    Market / Beach Bag


    Enjoy this beautiful, stretchy Market or Beach bag crocheted in all different colors of 100% cotton yarn. This is a sturdy, light weight and versatile bag – use it to carry fresh produce at the farmers market, your suit and towel and the beach, or anything else you can think to carry! If you have…

  • dreamers collection scrunchie

    Dreamers Collection Scrunchies


    These are XL and regular sized scrunchies made out of hand dyed, second hand fabric. A friend hand dyed the fabric, making each scrunchie one of a kind. This is the last restock of the collection.

  • reusable water bombs

    Reusable Water Balloon Packs


    The fun will never stop with these reusable water balloons! These water balloons are crocheted with thick acrylic yarn, making them act like a sponge when dunked in water. They come in packs of 10 balloons, perfect for 2-5 kids. How to use: 1. Dunk your balloons into a bucket of water or pool etc….

  • Witches brew scrunchie

    Witches Brew Scrunchie


    The witches brew scrunchies are made of a nice dark olive green, light weight, second-hand cotton fabric. These scrunchies come in regular and XL sizes. They are very soft and flexible, making them very comfortable to wear in your hair or on your wrist! These are made from a sustainably sourced fabric – meaning there…

  • mini market bag

    Mini Market Bag


    Enjoy this beautiful, stretchy bag crocheted in two tones of purple 100% cotton yarn. This is a sturdy but light weight bag that works well for holding fresh produce from the farmers market. If you have a vision for a color that isn’t available – throw me a message!

  • Packers sweatshirt pillow

    Packers Sweatshirt Pillow


    The Packer sweatshirt pillow is the best throw pillow you’ll ever own. It’s so soft – made from a rescued cotton crew neck! If you love the packers, this is a MUST HAVE for game day! The pillow is stuffed with polyfil and is approximately 17″x 13″ x 6″ thick.

  • individual dishcloths/washcloths

    Individual Dishcloths/Washcloths


    These are individual 100% cotton dishcloth/washcloths. It may seem like your average washcloth, but stays alive much longer than average and smells much less. No matter what you use them for – add a pop of color to your space or message me for a special pack to match your style. The dishcloths have two…

  • DK's first bralette

    DK’s First Bralette


    This basic bralette was hand crocheted with soft organic 100% cotton yarn. It is in a size medium, with a tie in the back for you to adjust. It can also be worn as a bikini top if you go out for a day at the beach. Add a pop of color to your outfit…

  • Cal and Opies blanket

    Cal & Opie’s Blanket


    The most wonderful baby blanket to ever snuggle your babies in! Any kid will love these extremely soft and warm blankets that come in tons of fun colors! Each blanket is about 30″x30″ – perfect for a newborn to grow with.

  • Sale! crochet rainbow blanket

    Crochet Rainbow Blanket


    This blanket was hand crocheted with love and acrylic yarn – most of which was sourced sustainably. It’s about 58″ x 54″ in length, covering the majority of a queen sized mattress. You will be surprised at how warm and soft this blanket it and it will soon become your go to for snuggling up.

  • Spiderweb XL scrunchie

    XL Spiderweb Sustainable Scrunchie


    The spider web scrunchie is made from a nice stretchy fabric, making it super comfortable and soft on your wrist and in your hair. The XL size is about double the size of a normal scrunchie, giving off Queen energy. These are made from a sustainably sourced fabric – meaning there is a limited quantity!

  • blue velvet scrunchie

    Blue Velvet Scrunchie


    This scrunchie is a nice rich blue that will look great in your hair or around your wrist. The fabric is soft and flexible, making it very comfortable to wear. These are made from a sustainably sourced fabric – meaning there is a limited quantity!

  • Sale! Bubbles' dog bandana

    Bubbles’ Dreamers Bandanas


    Bubbles’s dog bandanas are created out of second-hand cotton fabric that has been hand dyed by a friend. The bandanas have a spot for you to thread the collar through, making sure they stay on your pup! Medium will fit a dog around 20 lbs Small will fit a cat or a smaller dog.