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  • knit hats with faux fur poms

    Annie’s Knit Hats with Faux Fur Poms


    Annie’s Knit hats with faux fur poms are a fun collection full of one of a kind hand knit hats. These hats are all warm wool blends created in many beautiful patterns. These beanies all include faux fur pom poms on top.

  • elevation beanie

    Elevation Beanie


    The Elevation Beanie is a one size fits most staple for your cold weather outfits. It can be worn with a folded or unfolded brim and will keep your warm no matter the adventure.

  • cabled headband

    Alyssa’s Cabled Headbands


    Alyssa’s cabled headbands are hand knit with a wool blend, making them thick and warm headbands. These headbands are knit stretchy, so one size fits most! They come in a handful of colors, but you can message me to custom order a color.

  • annie's knit hats

    Annie’s Knit hats


    Annie’s Knit hats are a fun collection full of one of a kind, wool blend hats. They are all thick and warm, created in many different colors and patterns!

  • earthy knit hats

    Annie’s Knit Hats with Yarn Poms


    Annie’s knit hats with yarn poms are a fun collection with one of a kind hats. These knits are all warm wool blends created in many beautiful patterns. Each one has a yarn pom pom sewn in the top.

  • spotted hat

    Dottie’s Spotted Hat


    Dottie’s spotted hats are a fun colorwork version of the regular beanies. They are all hand knit with a nice, soft wool blend yarn. Stay warm and stylish this winter season with Dottie’s spotted hat.

  • fringe scarf

    Fluffy Fringe Scarf


    The fluffy fringe scarf is a basic, warm wool blend, knit scarf with fringe. It’s a simple closet staple that you need for this winter season!

  • oat ponytail hat

    Ponytail Hat


    Stay warm all winter long with your hair in a ponytail or a bun!  A nice warm wool blend hat with a hole in the top to create a hairstyle out of. The ponytail hat is perfect for the days you don’t want to wash your hair but need to look cute!

  • crocheted pumpkins

    Crochet Pumpkins


    These little crochet pumpkins are made completely from sustainably sourced products. Fall is coming and it’s time to decorate and get in the fall vibes! Being just about 6″ in diameter, they are the perfect fall décor for anywhere around the house. My personal favorite look is to stack a few on top of each…

  • Brenna's Bucket Hat

    Brenna’s Bucket Hat


    Brenna’s Bucket Hat is a colorful, crocheted bucket hat, in acrylic yarn. The hat’s come in 2 sizes for a smaller “teenage” sized head and a larger “adult” size (they vary about 1″ in size difference). These bucket hats are colors created by me, but they can be made to order in almost any color…

  • cat butt coasters

    Cat Butt Coasters


    Cat butt coasters are hilarious little crocheted coasters of a cats back side. These coasters are created with 100% cotton yarn and are very absorbent, perfect for your mug of coffee in the morning or a glass of water. They make a great gift for any cat lovers, and you can even customize it to…

  • day flower coasters

    Day Flower Coasters


    Day flower coasters are brightly colored, flower shaped coasters. These coasters are created with 100% cotton yarn and are very absorbent, perfect for sweaty glasses. They make a great gift for your bff or even just for you to add a pop of color to a desk or living space!  

  • scrubby cabin cloths

    Scrubby Cabin Cloths


    Scrubby Cabin cloths are a fun variation of the classic 100% cotton cloths you can use for anything – I like to wash dishes with mine. It may seem like your average washcloth, but stays alive much longer than average and smells less. No matter what you use them for – add a pop of…

  • maroon dkoozy

    Maroon DKoozy | LIMITED EDITION


    The Maroon DKoozy is a SUPER limited edition set of DKoozies – the maroon yarn was thrifted (and discontinued) making these one of a kind and sustainable! These DKoozies include the color maroon in the color combinations. Check out the different color combos to rock your favorite one, or match your game day attire. DKoozies…

  • Packers sweatshirt pillow

    Packers Sweatshirt Pillow


    The Packer sweatshirt pillow is the best throw pillow you’ll ever own. It’s so soft – made from a rescued cotton crew neck! If you love the packers, this is a MUST HAVE for game day! The pillow is stuffed with polyfil and is approximately 17″x 13″ x 6″ thick.